Whitepaper: Reasons to Migrate to LeanFT


HP LeanFT is a powerful, lightweight, developer oriented testing tool, built specifically for continuous testing and continuous delivery that integrates fully with Agile and DevOps methodologies.

The ultimate benefit of shifting left is delivering trusted applications faster with less effort. This sounds like a perfect complement to DevOps. If it is a new project, then it becomes obvious that a feasibility check can be performed for the project and proceed with LeanFT if there is a need for shift left approach.

This paper discusses in detail the reasons of migrating to HP LeanFT which include:
• DevOps Testing Approach
• About HP LeanFT & Features of LeanFT
• HP UFT vs LeanFT
• Reasons to Migrate to LeanFT
• Benefits of Automated Approach with Quicklean

QuickLean is capable of migrating any test automation design pattern, can migrate to any target language this is supported, is easily scalable to support multiple technologies or object repository styles or data sources. If your test suite is in HP ALM, QuickLean has inbuilt utilities that can automatically mobilize your test assets and initiate the migration process.

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