QuickLean Features


QuickLean converts the UFT scripts to be readily used with HP LeanFT thus enabling a quicker adoption of your favourite IDE’s (Java and C#).

Lightweight Component:
QuickLean is a powerful, light-weight test tool migration solution to convert UFT scripts to LeanFT. With scripts in choice of your IDE with QuickLean, it is easier to shift-Left your STLC to align to Agile and DevOps principles.

Language Support:
QuickLean can convert your UFT scripts and reusable function libraries to its functionally equivalent C# or Java code.

Ideal for Different Software Development Environments:
Solution is ideal for DevOps, Agile and Continuous testing teams. Agile development testing brings about Shift-Left focus thus placing importance on continuous testing, integration and continuous delivery.

Support for Wide Range of Test Platforms:
Supports test platforms that include Web, .Net Windows Forms, WPF.

Open Source Framework Integration:
Solution Integrates with Cucumber, Fitness, JUnit, NUnit etc.

Test Data Management:
Manage tests in Excel and DB with import and export of data from Excel and flexible to map to parameters.

Test Objects & Descriptions:
QuickLean adopts the UFT concepts of Test objects and descriptions. Uses UFT’s Object Identification mechanisms like Property-based identification, Ordinal Identifiers (Index), VRI, XPath Identification, etc.,