Frequently Asked Questions about QuickLean

What is QuickLean?
Why should I move to LeanFT?
Does HP endorse QuickLean? Is the tool and technology validated by HP?
What is the QuickLean service model?
How does the service compare with manual migration? How fast, economical, reliable is it?
Is the tool licensed?
Do you have a Proof of Concept available?
Can you perform a pilot in our test environment with our source code?
Can I get real customer references?
Give me an idea of high level migration process?
What is the signoff process?
Can I opt for offsite services for migration?
Do I need to ship my code to Gallop for conversion?
Is the service available across the globe?
Why should I not rip off my entire UFT code and start from scratch?
Do I get equally good framework in LeanFT?
Can I get help evaluating our current scripts?
Do you offer help building the framework and architecture?
What is the automatic conversion percentage?
What are the hardware/software requirements to install QuickLean?
Does the tool allow for re-architecting the code?
How native (to LeanFT) is the final output?
Does the tool handle the translation?
Are Library Functions directly converted into LeanFT?
How does the tool indicate if there are problems in converting the scripts?
What are the limitations in the tool in terms of the maximum script file size, number of lines handled by the tool?
What kinds of reports are generated by QuickLean?

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