Top Software Testing Tools to look out for in 2016

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2015 was an interesting year for the Software Testing Tools as we saw a lot of competition from new players who emerged from nowhere and challenged the leaders in this space. There was also a lot of interest shown by organizations in the offerings for an integrated suite of related toolsets — which offered a broader set of capabilities that included test management, stress and load testing, and functional test automation. The core functional test automation market matured a lot and was part of most of the testing teams.

With time-to-market being the main focus for most of the organizations, test automation is gaining more momentum. Also not to forget the increased application complexity and richer experience demanded by users, investment in test automation is turning out to be the preferred choice.

Selenium – Test Automation:

Open-source offerings picked up a lot of momentum in 2015 and it is going to continue in 2016 too. With Selenium WebDriver Version 2.49.0 released and Selenium 3.0 in the pipeline, the excitement around Selenium is going to stay and its adoption is going to rise in 2016. Open source is also becoming very common, especially for agile development teams. We have also seen a lot of vendors going the Selenium way and building their solutions around it to make the automation efforts easier for you. 2016 might turn out to be the year of Selenium with most of the tool vendors requiring to support it.

HP LeanFT – Agile and DevOps

Agile development practices have disrupted the market, and with emergence of new players, HP did not want to be left behind. HP released the its lightweight continuous testing solution for functional testing that delivers a new standard in continuous delivery and test automation for Agile Project Management and DevOps teams. With HP LeanFT, you can now develop tests in Visual Studio (C#) and Eclipse (Java).

LeanFT adoption can see a tremendous growth in 2016 as organizations move towards Agile and DevOps. With Behavior Driven Development (BDD) at the core of HP LeanFT, it will allow all stakeholders to get their points across in software continuous delivery processes with ease. If you are already using UFT, then LeanFT can be your best bet to move towards agile practices swiftly.

Applitools – Visual Testing

Visual testing was always challenging and many image-based testing tools had difficulty in giving us the reliable tests. Applitools is trying to change that and might be the tool to look out for in 2016. Applitools is built from scratch for visual validation and its algorithm handles the pixel issues pretty well. It is the first cloud-based automated visual testing solution that automatically validates all the visual aspects of Web, Mobile, and Desktop apps. While other tools like UFT, Eggplant are good to validate user actions, Applitools validates the visual look of whole application page. This is going to be important as the User experience is gaining prominence.

Smartbear – API Testing

Automated API testing is fundamental to increasing the speed at which you make decisions without sacrificing quality in the final customer’s experience. And Smartbear’s Ready API seems to be the perfect fit for this. API is the only place where business rules are coded and enforced, while the end-user GUI only displays results and any error messages provided by the API. With most applications using multiple API’s, we see a lot of momentum for Smartbear’s Ready API.

Saucelabs – Cross Browser Testing

Sauce Labs is a cloud-hosted, web and mobile application testing company which lets users run Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript unit tests across 700+ browser and OS platforms at scale. Saucelabs also allows you to run your selenium scripts on their cloud. With an option to run the tests on multiple combinations automatically, Saucelabs gets reports quickly. This can emerge as one of the top tools for Cross Browser testing in 2016.

QASymphony – Test Planning and Management

QASymphony’s qTest is a robust and easy-to-use test planning and management platform built for agile teams. qTest is making every step of the test case management process simpler and more effective. With integration option available with popular automation tools, this can be one of the best tools for test management in 2016.

Experitest – Mobile Test Automation

With Mobile Apps penetration increasing, we will be seeing more Apps coming from enterprises in 2016. Organizations will need to choose the right mobile test automation tool and Experitest is a good contender to take that spot. Experitest offers secure, onsite Cloud Testing for Mobile Applications which helps you realize ROI from your mobile testing.

There are a growing number of options based on the parameters like test scenarios, development technology and skill set. But above set of tools are the ones which we feel are going to define the software testing tools space in 2016.

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