Migrating to LeanFT? Try QuickLean


HP has recently unveiled LeanFT, an enhanced testing solution that will bring about ease and agility to the world of functional testing.

While it is a great news for those trying out new tools to bring about agility and standardisation in their Integrated development environment, a lot of businesses might get worried about quickly converting their thousands of existing lines of code written for HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) scripts for immediate use with HP LeanFT. In short, how to quickly migrate from HP UFT to HP LeanFT.

Introducing the world’s first automated solution, QuickLean from Cigniti (- remember WinQuick and RoboQuick?). QuickLean would ensure a seamless and smooth migration of test automation assets from HP UFT to LeanFT.

Organizations planning to use LeanFT for a natural integration with Dev and QA ecosystems, agile development, and test authoring in modern programming languages would find QuickLean reducing migration time from UFT to LeanFT by over 80%.

QuickLean comprises of a full-fledged source file translator that converts UFT scripts to the target LeanFT scripts (C# or Java). Pre-packaged libraries in QuickLean become a natural addition to HP LeanFT’s standard API ecosystem, providing an application model based object repository that maps UFT programming interfaces to corresponding LeanFT objects and methods.

QuickLean provides support for multiple data sources (Excel & DB), multiple language translation, as also multiple application technologies. It provides a stable Test Management Integration, migrating entire test suites that are in Quality Center; migrates all types of object repository styles (per action, shared object, descriptive programming), and supports migration of multiple automation architectures (Functional decomposition, Keyword driven, Data driven).

The advantages of QuickLean can be summarized as:

  • Business-as-usual during migration
  • Ready-to-use libraries packaged
  • Reduced time & cost of migration
  • Minimal support required from testing teams
  • Automation architecture best practices delivered as part of migration

QuickLean by Cigniti Technologies makes it easier to move, migrate and take advantage of HP’s latest and advanced lightweight functional test automation solution, LeanFT, designed for DevOps & Agile environments.

Full throttle your agile journey and migrate to LeanFT quickly, efficiently, and easily using the world’s first automated solution, QuickLean.

For more information on QuickLean, visit www.quick-lean.com

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