LeanFT: Bringing in Agility & Ease to Functional Testing

Fast emerging technology trends such as Cloud, Big Data, Security, and Mobility have expanded the horizons of business processes like never before. To beat the competition in the race for innovation, you need to have business critical skills of agility and speed to deliver on-time, user-friendly tools.

Both Lean methodology (introduced by Toyota) and Agile methodology (a much broader, umbrella concept inspired by Lean and came later) place a strong emphasis on proper planning and a user-centric approach focus for making lives easier and more streamlined. Agile methodologies have led to the compartmentalization of the SDLC process, giving birth to the concept of Shift-Left: the practice of integration and testing at every phase.

While functional testing has become a nightmare with the onslaught of hybrid composite applications, the Waterfall model no longer works where different time slots are allotted for back-end development followed by testing before an application goes into production. Enterprise agility demands Agile development where testing can be performed in parallel with development.

In short, the world has been waiting for an enhanced Unified Functional Testing tool that will bring in agility and ease to functional testing.

HP LeanFT (Lean Functional Testing), the latest offering from HP, is an advanced functional testing automation solution, targeted for technical automation engineers and dev-testers in agile teams. LeanFT has features of agility and DevOps that will help developers and testers to collaborate and accelerate the speed of development cycles.

LeanFT integrates with the standard development IDEs, enables test authoring in modern programming languages such as C# (in Visual Studio) or Java (in Eclipse), and also provides plug-in for the standard IDEs. The LeanFT library is used in the scripts to define the interaction with the AUT. Tests are authored in the context of any testing framework, or in a custom framework. The user can leverage the existing IDE capabilities (for example, IntelliSense & debugging). The .NET / Java libraries and 3rd party libraries can be used to extend the scripts. Dev & QA share the same tool (IDE), enabling better collaboration in agile teams.

Integrating perfectly with your dev environment, LeanFT lets testers, engineer’s et al write tests for all sorts of latest app technologies. LeanFT also helps you assess and tackle defects in your processes early on, thus decreasing your go-to-market time.

Using LeanFT will be a lot easier if you have already used HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing). Oh, worried about converting your HP UFT scripts for immediate use with HP LeanFT now, are you?

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