Joe Colantonio on QuickLean

Cigniti software (an HP partner) has created a UFT to LeanFT conversion tool that looks pretty slick.

~Joe Colantonio

LeanFT is undoubtedly the most anticipated Agile and DevOps oriented tool which testers and developers are waiting for. HP announced the tool at HP Discover 2015 and it is slated to launch in July 2015. LeanFT has been extensively covered by Joe Colantonio on his blog, where he has also mentioned QuickLean.

About Joe:

Joe Colantonio is founder of, a blog dedicated to test automation, and, a weekly podcast that geeks out on all things software test automation. He has also authored UFT API Testing Manifesto.He has over 15 years experience successfully developing and implementing numerous software automation and performance testing solutions, using both vendor-based and open source technologies. He is currently a test automation architect for a large Fortune 100 company.

Joe’s Blog:

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