Importance of LeanFT – The Latest Functional Test Automation Tool from HP

Importance of LeanFT – The Latest Functional Test Automation Tool from HP

HP’s latest Lean Functional Tool – LeanFT was launched during HP Discover in June 2015, held at Las Vegas. LeanFT is a powerful and lightweight functional test automation tool that has many added features when compared to HP’s Unified Functional Testing Tool – UFT. With the functional test automation tools like UFT and LeanFT, issues are identified in the early stages of SDLC, thus enabling a quality product. Today’s enterprises & organizations place heavy stress on the need for a standard product with shorter release cycles and quicker ROI. All this is possible with latest functional test automation tools like LeanFT.

LeanFT is the next generation, enhanced testing platform with advanced features and functionalities.  Some of the significant features of LeanFT are listed below:

  • Integrates with standard IDE’s
  • Adopts the Core principles of UFT – Test Objects and Descriptions
  • Provides faster execution of scripts in developer’s native environment (Java or C#)
  • Supports emerging AUT technologies
  • Integrates perfectly with development environment
  • Supports Windows standard, Web, .NET Window Forms, WPF, Mobile, Siebel UI, and Insight Image Recognition
  • Provides increased run-time performance (up to 2 times)
  • Improves enterprise adaption by leveraging the best of Agile and DevOps practices
  • Brings about quicker ROI & reduces go-to-market time

Now, let us see the importance of LeanFT in the Agile and DevOps continuous testing environments.

Importance of LeanFT for Continuous Testing for Agile & DevOps

For today’s enterprises & organizations, software is no more a core business enabler, but is rather a core business differentiator. It is true that agility matters, and the latest functional test automation tool, LeanFT has been specifically built for continuous testing and continuous integration that leads to continuous deployment. LeanFT is a continuous testing solution that delivers a new standard in continuous delivery and test automation especially for agile projects. With Agile & DevOps at the forefront of software development methodologies, there is a shift left in the software testing life cycle, wherein development and testing are performed in parallel and LeanFT perfectly aligns with it. LeanFT provides features that make your developers, testers, and test automation engineers move easily towards Agile & DevOps. In addition, LeanFT helps build stable tests, and is useful for developing testing scripts using C#, Java and other hosting framework libraries. With a lot of activity around LeanFT, enterprises are thinking how best to leverage it to migrate their existing UFT/QTP scripts to LeanFT easily.

How to migrate your existing UFT Test Scripts to LeanFT?

Today’s enterprises using UFT see enormous benefits in migrating to LeanFT as it aligns perfectly with Agile and DevOps methodologies. It is also true that a typical test assets migration journey has four phases of migration journey; Discover, Plan, Migrate, and Validate, and migration from HP UFT to LeanFT also follows the same process. Manual conversion of scripts from UFT/QTP/Selenium test frameworks to LeanFT involves a lot of time, huge investments and needs a lot of development skill set. Cigniti’s QuickLean migration accelerator easily converts your UFT/QTP scripts to LeanFT without a lot of effort or resource usage.

What is QuickLean?

QuickLean is the first of its kind UFT to LeanFT automated migration solution developed by the R&D team of Cigniti Technologies in close association with HP’s team. It makes the LeanFT adoption typically easy by automatically converting your UFT test assets (Object Repository and VB Scripts) to LeanFT (Application model and C#/Java scripts). It has been extensively tested with millions of lines of code and ensures extremely fast migration process with an 80% reduction in time.

Benefits of QuickLean

  • Business remains as usual even during migration
  • Reduces cost of migration
  • Assures quicker ROI
  • Helps overcome all major challenges with manual migration
  • Reduces need for management intervention
  • Faster turnaround time

With Cigniti’s QuickLean, you can full throttle your Agile and DevOps journey as it helps migrate all your QTP/UFT/Selenium test artifacts to LeanFT compliant solution whether it is in C# or Java. Contact our QuickLean team today or upload your UFT test scripts to know the effectiveness of the solution.

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