How LeanFT helps you build an Agile Enterprise

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Agile has been the buzzword for quite a long time now and enterprises were quick to adopt the agile practices since it started. There are also multiple tools which have come to the market to make the agile adoption easier. One of such tool which helps you achieve the goal of agile software development is ‘LeanFT’.

So let us first understand what the Goal of Agile software development is.

Agile helps you achieve high predictability and quality by knowing the status of your project at any point in time. So basically Agile focuses on these 3 parameters:

  • Time: Project is executed in sprints with define start and end dates.
  • Cost: Keep control on total project costs and avoid over-committing.
  • Quality: Unit testing is part of Agile and thus Quality is ensured throughout the sprint.

Agile is governed by the principles of which basically states:

  • Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools
  • Working software over Comprehensive documentation
  • Responding to change over Following a plan
  • Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation

But as the Enterprises grow, there are more factors which comes in to make sure that agile development practices are followed across the levels of organization. Most of the organizations do not want to disturb the well-established internal practices and implements the agile in bits and pieces. This usually happens when the agile is not organization-level driven. That means the different teams are still using different tools and processes.

This is where LeanFT comes in.

LeanFT is a lightweight continuous testing solution for functional testing that delivers a new standard in continuous delivery and test automation for Agile Project Management and DevOps teams. It helps you create your tests in a standard and modern dev environment that is supported in the dev and QA ecosystem. So it enables and encourages dev-QA collaboration in agile teams by using the same tool for development and testing.

So with LeanFT you can:

  • Use Application Models to extract your application objects and separate their identification from the test logic.
  • Create tests in your favorite IDE such as Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Use the visually oriented Object Identification Center to find the right object identifiers and generate your test code.
  • Create robust and reusable test automation scripts using Java or C#.
  • Get fast feedback from your test execution with the lightweight, detailed run results report.

LeanFT helps you make that Agile shift at the core level which is often difficult for most of the organizations.

With Cigniti’s QuickLean, you can full throttle your Agile and DevOps journey as it helps migrate all your QTP/UFT/Selenium test artifacts to LeanFT compliant solution whether it is in C# or Java. Contact our QuickLean team today or upload your UFT test scripts to know the effectiveness of the solution

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