DevOps & LeanFT: Helping you Shift Left

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DevOps is the most widely used term in the IT industry these days. Many organizations are looking for DevOps Solutions that can unify development and operations. DevOps aims at accelerating business innovation and meet market demands in quicker time.

The basic principle of DevOps is ‘Continuous assessment’ and the 3 basic chunks of DevOps which make it work are:

  • Continuous Integration and Testing: Build & Test
  • Continuous Delivery and Deployment: Release & Deploy
  • Continuous Operations: Operate & Monitor

These functions overlap continuously for achieving faster release of apps & improve customer experience.

Why is DevOps important?

  • Because DevOps lets you deliver more quality apps more frequently
  • Because it enhances customer experience with immediate feedback loops and continuous improvement
  • Because it increases developer and operations efficiency
  • Because DevOps provides End-to-End Agility

So how does LeanFT fit in DevOps ecosystem?

World quality report 2014-15 shows that 93% of IT Leaders use Agile & DevOps for software development projects but:

  • 61% report lack of a good testing approach
  • 55% can’t apply test automation at appropriate levels
  • 42% don’t have right test tools to create usable test sets

This is where LeanFT fits in and tries to address the challenges faced. LeanFT unites People, Process and Information with Technology. It also helps to independently validate services and components crucial for integration testing earlier and faster in the lifecycle.

LeanFT focuses on continuous testing and continuous delivery for functional test automation and helps you shift left. LeanFT supports most of the AUT technologies, unit-testing frameworks and comes as a plugin for major IDEs like Visual studio and Eclipse.

Some of HP LeanFT’s key benefits are:

Faster test creation – HP LeanFT is compatible with Visual studio and Eclipse and helps you write and maintain your tests quickly. As it uses the features and concepts of HP UFT, it is easier for someone who is familiar to use it right away.

High predictability – LeanFT aims for better collaboration and alignment between developers and automation engineers by using the famous CI/CD tools which can integrate right into LeanFT.

Lower Costs – LeanFT comes as a plugin for IDEs such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio. If you are already using UFT and moving towards DevOps, you get LeanFT for free.

These are some of the features of LeanFT which makes it easy for you to shift left and adopt Agile and DevOps practices. LeanFT also helps you achieve the primary goal of DevOps – Continuous assessment.

With Cigniti’s QuickLean, you can full throttle your Agile and DevOps journey as it helps migrate all your QTP/UFT/Selenium test artifacts to LeanFT compliant solution whether it is in C# or Java. Contact our QuickLean team today or upload your UFT test scripts to know the effectiveness of the solution.

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