Assuring Quality with your UFT to LeanFT Migration

Assuring Quality with your UFT to LeanFT Migration

The quality of a software product is determined by the quality of the software development process implemented. Today, most enterprises prefer Agile and DevOps software methodologies that use the concept of shift-left in software testing wherein testing is performed in parallel to development. With agile testing focusing on continuous testing (CT) and continuous delivery (CD), it practically brings software testing much earlier in the software development life cycle. However, the effectiveness of software testing is dependent on the type of testing tools used and some of the commonly used tools include UFT, QTP etc.

In todays’ high paced evolution and with a need for faster project rollouts, there is a greater need for functional test automation tools (such as HP‘s Lean Functional Testing tool (LeanFT)) that help deliver quality software at the speed of your business needs. LeanFT is a robust, lightweight, functional test automation tool that supports a wide range of Application Under Test (AUT) technologies. It has been built specifically for CT and continuous integration (CI) and aligns perfectly with Agile and DevOps. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it is fully embedded in the standard integrated development environment and aligns with the shift left approach in the software testing life cycle.

LeanFT has more advanced features than UFT. Due to this, global enterprises currently using UFT see many benefits in migrating over to LeanFT, and benefit from the Agile and DevOps journey. However, to do so, they need a solution that can easily migrate their UFT scripts to LeanFT as manual conversion of scripts from UFT to LeanFT needs a huge investment of effort and time. In general, a typical test asset migration process can be broadly be divided into Discover, Plan, Migrate, and Validate. The migration of HP UFT to LeanFT also follows the same process and thus needs efficient migration accelerators for each of the stages.

QuickLean from Cigniti Technologies is the latest migration solution that migrates test assets from UFT to LeanFT. It is the worlds’ first tool for migrating UFT scripts to LeanFT. Some of the important features of QuickLean are detailed below.

QuickLean Features

QuickLean comprises of a full-fledged source file translator that converts UFT scripts to the target LeanFT scripts (C# & Java). Reusable packaged libraries in QuickLean become a natural addition to HP LeanFT’s ecosystem, providing visual & application model-based object repository. It migrates all types of object repository styles & migrates all the test suites that reside in Quality Center/ALM to LeanFT. With QuickLean, you have a perfect match for Agile & DevOps methodologies approach.

QuickLean Benefits

  • Reduces cost of migration
  • Speeds up the migration process, providing up to 80% reduction in the migration time
  • Helps keep the business running as usual during migration process

QuickLean’s Potency Overview

  1. Test Case Effectiveness

The quality of code generated with QuickLean is highly efficient as its full-fledged source file translator converts UFT scripts to the target LeanFT scripts (C# & Java) and supports migration of scripts into C# and Java.

  1. Speed & Effectiveness of Migration

Manual migration and conversion of existing UFT/QTP/Selenium test frameworks/artifacts to LeanFT scripts or creating new frameworks with LeanFT is time consuming, expensive, and needs a lot of investments with regards to development skill set.

QuickLean helps not only to migrate your scripts, but also migrate the Object Repositories (OR) – be it shared ORs or per Action ORs – and also migrates your reusable components (QFL or VBScript files) with high quality. QuickLean automates migration that ensures a quicker migration process with an 80% reduction in the migration time. Using QuickLean, there will be no change in the program structure. It facilitates line-by-line code migration, does not miss out on any scripts, and thus ensures that quality is maintained.

  1. Technology Selection with QuickLean

You get to choose or load the appropriate technology/platform that was used to build the AUT whose test artifacts are being converted. For example, if you have used web enabled SAP or NetWeaver application to create the scripts, you have flexible options to select SAP, Web etc. which makes it more useful.

  1. Quicker Identification of Migration Issues

QuickLean helps identify migration issues far quicker than manual migration, thus allowing the expert LeanFT migration team to quickly fix the issues and ensure perfect customization, helping reduce the overall migration time.

  1. Reporting and Logging

QuickLean has a robust and detail oriented Reporting and Logging mechanism. It has a three layered reporting structure and enables to view the high level summary report and provides script level analysis of the conversion. You can further deep dive to obtain line-by-line conversion details to understand the overall success or failure conversion rate, identify the scripts that were not converted, and identify the common issues causing conversion failure and help fix them.

With Cigniti’s QuickLean, you can full throttle your Agile and DevOps journey as it helps migrate all your QTP/UFT/Selenium test artifacts to LeanFT compliant solution whether it is in C# or Java. Contact our QuickLean team today or upload your UFT test scripts to know the effectiveness of the solution.