Are you still working with UFT? Leverage LeanFT


Are you still working with UFT? Leverage LeanFT

Today’s enterprise need for agility demands Agile development, wherein testing can be performed in parallel to development thus paving way for the concept of shift-left approach of software testing life cycle. This approach determines the continuous integration and continuous testing for each of the sprints. It further leads to proper identification of various defects at every stage of the software development life cycle through the usage of automated testing tools like QTP, UFT and more. The UFT has been widely used for some time now, but with the changing business scenarios and the cropping need and demand for more effective functional automation tools, HP has recently released latest functional testing tool named LeanFT during the HP Discover June 2015.

Though many enterprises & other entities continue to use UFT, but there is a need to shift-left with the latest functional test automation tool – LeanFT.

Reasons why you should migrate from UFT to LeanFT

  • Agile & DevOps being the major software development methodologies, they demand a shift-left in their testing approach that is simple and easy with the latest automation tool like LeanFT
  • With the changing business scenarios, some enterprises are in need of new functional testing automation tools like LeanFT

Leverage with LeanFT

Adoption of HP’s LeanFT helps to shift-left your Agile and DevOps testing in your organization and is highly useful in a continuous delivery environment. HP’s LeanFT has been built exclusively for continuous integration and continuous testing and is a powerful, light weight, functional test automation solution that supports a wide range of AUT technologies. It helps you to adapt to the Agile and DevOps quickly making developers getting involved early in the software development life cycle. This helps in the identification of defects at early stage of the development life cycle.

There might be a challenge if you are an existing QTP/UFT or even a Selenium tool user with framework and other script development already made. But along comes LeanFT with greater ease of features for effective functional testing and makes your developers, testers and test automation engineers move towards agile easily.

Moreover, manual migration/conversion of existing UFT/QTP/Selenium test frameworks/artifacts to LeanFT scripts or rather creating new frameworks with LeanFT is time consuming, expensive, needs a lot of development skill set. With Cigniti Technologies QuickLean, it eases and automates these migrations which will full-throttle your Agile & DevOps journey making migration of UFT to LeanFT easy, simple and painless.

What is QuickLean? – World’s First Automated Solution for HP UFT to LeanFT Migration

QuickLean from Cigniti Technologies is the worlds’ first migration tool from HP Unified Functional Testing to Lean Functional Testing. QuickLean team worked in close proximity with the HP R&D team to come up with World’s first automated tool for UFT to LeanFT Migration. In the earlier, test automation was done at the end of SDLC and was based on the concept of the front end. But, with the origin of Agile methodology the focus has been towards shift-left occurring much earlier in the development life cycle. With QuickLean you have a perfect match for Agile & DevOps methodologies shift-left approach.

What does QuickLean Convert?

The QuickLean is a one-stop solution to convert all your QTP/UFT/Selenium test artifacts to HP LeanFT compliant solution whether it is in C# or Java. This includes the scripts, reusable functions and compiled modules and object repositories whether shared or local while maintaining the original framework design and structure. Thus, Cigniti helps you realize the real benefits of LeanFT’s powerful features.

Advantages with QuickLean

  • Business remains as usual while migration
  • Reduces cost of migration
  • Ensures extremely faster migration process with 80% reduction in the time taken
  • Provides faster turnaround time to explore the wide features of LeanFT
  • Accurate and well tested for quick migrations
  • Ease of test coverage
  • Helps build good test, covering the entire business flow end-to-end
  • Minimal supervision of testing resources needed while migration
  • Less management oversight needed
  • With standardized test suites, assured quick ROI

Quicklean makes the LeanFT adoption very easy by automatically converting UFT test assets (Object Repository and VB Scripts) to LeanFT (Application model and C#/Java scripts). It has been tested vigorously and after migration of millions of lines of code, this truly innovative test asset migration tool, reduces the migration effort by 90%, speeds up the migration by 5 times and reduces the cost of migration by 10 times.

QuickLean – a World’s First Automated Solution for HP UFT to LeanFT Migration. Get in touch with our team who can guide you well on LeanFT Migration from HP UFT. Contact us Today to know more about QuickLean.