Are you migrating to LeanFT? – 4 Must Do’s

Migrating to LeanFT

Today’s enterprises prefer the Agile and DevOps methodologies of software development that demand a Shift-left approach of testing; development and testing are done in parallel for each sprint which comprises of a set of features to be completed within prescribed sprint timeline. This approach significantly finds the bugs at a very early stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) due to which quality products will be released and it would also meet the stated timelines through performing effective testing using latest automation tools.

Moreover, automation in any field brings in the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs. Since there is a need for continuous delivery, it needs continuous integration and continuous testing and thus needs effective test automation tools. In agile environment, automation has become such an integral part of agile testing that it is difficult to think of one without the other. Automation testing allows faster testing of the code with a standard suite of test scripts. This gives the tester and developer a quick assessment into the code quality and they have more time to react in case the code is not up to the expectations.

Today, test automation is being done in parallel with development using various test automation tools but the most common automation tool, Unified Functional Testing (UFT) has been a popular tool for some time. But, with the enterprises moving towards Agile demanding continuous delivery and integration, UFT with its limited ability to integrate seamlessly with the overall toolset and the core capability to address multiple stakeholders from an automation standpoint (e.g. developers and testers) does not meet these and there has been a need for new automation tools. New technology innovations have always been at great pace today demanding new tool releases, the latest Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) has been a perfect act of this fact and has been released during the recent HP Discover June’ 2015. HP’s LeanFT is a powerful developer-oriented testing tool built specifically for Agile and DevOps environment. There may be a need to migrate your existing UFT scripts to LeanFT but let us see some few important facts one has to consider as you migrate to LeanFT.

There are 4 must dos that we need to perform before migrating to LeanFT that have been explained below:

  1. Assess the Need: The enterprises or the organizations should deeply understand the new concept and should take a constructive decision on UFT to LeanFT migration.
  2. Cost Factor: The cost incurred for migration of UFT scripts to LeanFT involves certain amount that is considerably lower than when compared to manual migration of these scripts from UFT to LeanFT. So, the enterprises should consider and take a stance of the cost involved for the entire process of migrating UFT to LeanFT.


  1. Check whether LeanFT Supports the Application Under Test (AUT): Another important aspect is to confirm whether LeanFT supports their existing application. Only then, it makes sense for UFT scripts to be migrated to LeanFT. The environment should also be compatible as LeanFT supports AUT like Web, Standard Windows, .Net, WPF, SAPU15.
  2. Plan for Training: It is important that the testers should be trained either with C# or with Java as LeanFT supports standard automated tests written in C# and Java.

Considering all the above facts, LeanFT is an automated tool released recently and has many additional features compared to UFT. In order to migrate your scripts from UFT to LeanFT, use Cigniti Technologies QuickLean, the world’s first automated solution to convert your UFT scripts to be readily used with HP’s latest and advanced functional test automation tool – LeanFT. It makes your migration easy and painless and is highly cost effective and saves migration time by nearly 80%. QuickLean has been architected with intense structure and it proves to be the best alternative for UFT to LeanFT migration.

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